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Low version (72 dpi) preview when browsing#1011

I have SVG images, and they have 3.7 MB, so their load time is very slow.
I noticed that I don’t have any views on my images. On mobile this is consuming a lot of data from what is available.
At first, I thought this would be a great bonus for those that want to print the artwork at high resolution, and I started uploading a 1000 artwork collection… but having no views, and seeing how slowly the pages render, I doubt my choice now.
The pdf version is 814 KB, and transforming into SVG is 3.7 MB.
It would be great to be able to upload PDFs, and also, regardles of the uploaded file, if it is a static image (not GIF, video) then a low resolution image should be displayed when browsing. Only when the image is clicked, then the SVG version could be displayed, when seen individually.
Otherwise, I see there is very slow loading of svg images, like the preview is generated at every small display. This slows the webpage, and consumes data on mobile.

14 days ago