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Social Tokens Need Minimum Pricing For Non-Priced Tokens#121

So for tokens that get actual pricing information, like HUE and SKULL, the system sorts them correctly by price in all UI’s.

Unfortunately, in some places, non-priced tokens are treated as if they have a zero value which causes a sorting problem. Lower bids will not be sorted beneath higher bids in the views.

Furthermore, when searching all items by price, the social token items are an absolute jumbled mess and are difficult to find correctly.

SOLUTION: give “non-priced” tokens a base price of 1 token = 0.0000000001 ETH (or USD or, whatever your base pricing currency is).

This will at least give non-priced social tokens something to globally sort on everywhere in the system AND, it’s fair (since a lot of liquidity and pricing information out there is dubious based on small liquidity pools with no volume).

a month ago

i like the idea

a month ago

Yeah i noticed this issue when sorting by lowest price on opensea. Couldnt figure out where all the social tokens had gone.

a month ago