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Verify Rottenswap Contracts on OpenSea#123

We are writing to humbly request the Official NFT accounts be verified.

Both contracts are minted by our head digital artist at 0x438ded344ae9557b12eee7bebbef5c9d1c24d33b @BTC_Minimalist on Twitter

We’ve sold 10+ ETH worth of NFTs across multiple platforms:

We are verified on Rarible for our ERC1155 NFTs

We also have an account on Cargo for our ERC721 “ROTTEN” NFT collection

Please verify both of these contracts on OpenSea!

NOTE: We are NOT associated with the following accounts! These accounts stole art from our head digital artist:

a month ago
7 days ago

One of the members of Team RottenSwap here. Can Confirm all of this information is true.

7 days ago

hello why is this still open????

4 days ago