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Purposely misleading offers#136



I fell for a trade which was offered for 0.28 USDC instead of ETH from this address name ber: 0xe211c773f8576e138e8ad985ccdf2e0b44942759. Now he has put lots of bids for usdc trying to mislead people. You should try to contact him and get him to transfer my asset back (Big Boy Pants - Genesis Edition - my address 0xc3e5789beec7f018cb983db2a673d603c7168f54). A suggestion make your logos a lot bit and even make a warning. These kind of people should be blacklisted. Is there anything you can do to help me get my asset back?.

14 days ago

So sorry to hear about this. We can’t contact the buyer or get the NFT back, sadly - sorry about that. We’re always looking into ways we can make OpenSea safer for everyone so I’ll pass your feedback to the team regarding making the currencies bigger and clearer. We’re also looking into the possibility of adding account banning, meaning we’ll able to prevent addresses from making offers on items.

14 days ago