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Introducing Zippy to accept international payments for Open Sea#154


Hope this mail finds you well.
I am Neha Wadkute from Matic Network taking care of Partnerships for the Business. We at Matic have launched a Mobile Payment app ZIPPY.
Zippy, a Mobile app for P2P international transfers and business payments with 40+ Mn user base, 1st ever company to be backed by both Coinbase and Binanace. With Zippy we bring not only an opportunity for the Businesses to accept payments from customers in a fast and secure manner at the fingertips but also promote your business and merchandise to a huge user base, with different gamification tools.

We look forward to getting connected with you and discussing possible collaboration opportunities in detail.

Neha Wadkute

20 days ago

Hey there, thanks for reaching out. Do you mind reaching out to with a sample collaboration idea?

19 days ago