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Ability to block offers from known lowballers/scammer and ability to reject offers#19

Users want the ability to block offers from known lowballers/scammers and ability to reject offers.

8 months ago

this is a need

7 months ago

Please and thank you.

7 months ago

This shouldnt even need a vote! do it!

7 months ago

Just do it!

7 months ago

this is important for selllers so they can manage their accounts more safely.

7 months ago


  • seller to set ‘ignore treshhold’: any amount below treshold goes auto-hide, no notification to seller.
  • optionally, asset owner to set preference to display all offer history or filter it by criteria
  • optionally, seller to be able to auto-ignore any offer from a certain user
    ! seller to double confirm (imply the possibility of not being aware of any future offer evenso offer might be higher than a current one)

or go deeper in preferences:
one-button option to ignore all offers (criteria_1 AND/OR criteria_2)

            - from specific user
            - below certain amount
            - until date not including future
            - until date and going forward too
6 months ago