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Make it compatible to Opera Wallet#54

Many people are stopping using Chrome or Brave for obvious reasons and trying Opera. Opera features great crypto-features including an easy-to-use ETH wallet. Unfortunately OpenSea does not support this wallet (or any direct web3 wallet).

6 months ago

Hey, thanks for submitting this! While Opensea does work on Opera, we realise there are a few errors that we are working to resolve shortly. I’ll post an update here once it is resolved.

6 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
6 months ago

Thats great news! It works fine on Opera Android, but not on desktop Windows, will be waiting for the update :)

6 months ago

What issues are you experiencing on Windows desktop?

6 months ago

1) If I enter Opensea, cannot connect wallet.
2) If I install Metamask extension from Chrome Extensions (this is possible in Opera), and simply click on the Fox icon, but without registering or loggin into any Metamask wallet, Opensea connects to my Opera Wallet.
3) It seems that the wallet is connected, some features do work, but if a sign or transaction is required, nothing happens.

6 months ago

It´s working! Correctly connecting with my Opera wallet! Thank you so much!

5 months ago