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Add chat capabilites within OpenSea#6

Allow buyers & sellers to chat with one another via OpenSea. This would allow negotiations to take place.

8 months ago
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8 months ago

When using this chat there is a way to abuse it..

but if its made in a way that it requires a fee (like blockchain transaction fee) then it is agaings scammers that want to misuse it (they will be less likely to contact multiple people….) or make a credit based system (like reputation needed until someone is allowed to chat/request contact)

but a chat requires moderation… but there is a workaround for that too (less moderation needed)

what i guess what the best option is…

is to make a way to have a request contact button (that when clicked sends a request for contact)

the owner of the account can choose in their settings to have everyone be able to do a request contact or only when people placed a bid or only about a certain object / asset thats on sale

greetings from Richard Jansma :) for more (Richard Jansma#4522 on discord)

7 months ago

make it cost a tx at least, public negotation could be fun.
mini asset of correspondence

6 months ago

Good morning sir. Just say morning. Tq

3 months ago
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