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Physical artwork and NFTs#817


I have a small collection of rare physical original artworks by the famous painter Jonathan Gent who is highly collectible in the traditional art world. Take a look here:

If anyone else is thinking of putting physical objects into an NFT then make sure you:

a) create an NFT image that shows the artwork and states that the NFT holder must receive the artwork on demand.
b) have an unlockable secret that contains a link to a secure cloud drive containing instructions on how to contact the last owner to request delivery of the artwork and with provenance information for the artwork to prove authenticity.
c) use a custom made cloud email account for communication that you can transfer ownership of to the next NFT owner so that they can sell the NFT and artwork when they want.
d) ensure you obtain the full contact details of the NFT buyer so you can ship the artwork.
e) provide your own custom made email address in the instructions so that you can trace forward through the chain of previous NFT owners in the event where an NFT owner fails to deliver the artwork to the new owner.

3 days ago