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how do i get verified?#995

how do i get verified?

17 days ago

Would be good to give a possibility again…

17 days ago

Yes, otherwise this is like ClosedSea :). I don’t know if this should be opensea’s job… to police the ones that steal. That is intelectual property theft, and that is way more serious than just closing an account.
It is told that if one gets sales, then they get your account verified… But what cryteria is that? What guarantee is that? If people with ETH buy something, then that item is safe? So people with ETH can have the power to judge if something is authentic or not? ??? This is weird thinking, sory to say that. There were cases with stolen work that skyrocketed as price. High value does not equal truth. Sory.

16 days ago

This is the worst joke I have ever read: to transform my work in NFT through OpenSea and afterwards OpenSea to say that this NFT has to be verified because they do not guarantee for it. I remind you that initially I paid to OpenSea for creating this collection. Why aren’t all the accounts verified before we start minting those NFT-s? The final question: HOW DO I GET VERIFIED? I saw on OpenSea big companies that normally sell fruits (not artists, but corporations) with verified accounts and artists that ARE ARTISTS INDEED that didn’t receive that verification. What does it mean? Do we, the artists, have to start selling fruits in order to get verified on OpenSea? This is one of my new NFT-s and I want to share it with all the artists who didn’t receive recognition from OpenSea. DMC - RADIVON

10 days ago